Information I found most helpful was...

  • “Consistent message to set aside differences to find best endings for children.  I really needed this class as a reminder, a learning experience, and an opportunity to revisit myself evaluating what is most important — My Girls.”
  • “I gained a better perspective on a child’s point of view during and after a divorce.”
  • “Dealing with emotions and anger.  This class should be given to anyone with relationship problems!”
  • “The anger issues.”
  • “The impact my words/arguments have on the children.  I never thought about how much they retain and how they’re affected.”
  • “Anger management.”
  • “Learning how to take out the emotion and get to decision making.  This has taken out a lot of the panic.”
  • “Everything.  I think anyone thinking of having a child, should take a similar course.”
  • “The wording and ways to eliminate conflict and feelings of guild for the child.  The videos were great.  Love seeing the theories in action.”
  • “How to communicate without anger…addressing anger issues and how it affects the children.”
  • "Why couples treat each other so bad and how to get better together.  Fran teaches with passion.  I really learned a lot.”
  • “Being aware of talking in the kids presence and how that affects them.
  • “Role playing, printed materials.”  Thank you – great job.  So much help to helping me be the best mom I can be!”
  • “How to work through emotions and work together.”
  • “It was really good — I can understand how the 12-hour course must be much more helpful.”
  • “Children are our priority!  Try to work things out without them being in the middle!”
  • “how to deal more effectively with my co-parent to better my children.”  I feel that this class is truly beneficial to divorcing couples.  Remembering divorce is not just about you, but your children as well!”
  • "Positive co-parenting communication.  I would probably still be married with a healthier relationship if my ex and I had this course before marriage.”
  • “All emotions to handle around your kids!  Handle situations away from kids.!”
  • “Helped me learn a lot about myself and my personality which has helped relationships in my life.”
  • “How to communicate with my co-parent.  Fran is awesome!  She engages the class with relatable stories which opens up communication and commiseration.”
  • “Fran was wonderful to speak to – told me about the program.”
  • “Found online.  Called about it.  Really liked Fran when I talked to her.  Very informative and understanding.”
  • “…understanding of a child’s point of view.”
  • “Making an album of pictures of absent parent for child.”
  • “Emotions and stress/grieving (process).”